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Health Services
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17th December 2017

Health Services

The school maintains health records on each child so that the best care and treatment can be given. Injured and ill children are assessed and treated accordingly.
You, as parents, greatly assist us in our efforts to provide the best care for your child by ensuring that the School Administration has the following information on file and that it is maintained current and accurate:

  • a health history (attached to the registration form) – please make sure to note any allergy;
  • a photocopy of the current immunization record;
  • home telephone number or mobile number (confirmed each year); parents are urged to communicate any change of address/contact numbers, etc., as soon as possible.
  • emergency telephone number of a friend/relative in the event that we cannot reach you (confirmed each year). Please indicate the relationship this individual has with your child – e.g. uncle, aunt, older sibling, close friend, ….